Sunday, July 31, 2016

Love Blooms on Main Street Review!!

Love is always in season . . .

Florist Ivy Birch fantasizes about the day a man will surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Especially if that man happens to be Brett Hastings. One stolen kiss at her best friend's wedding and Ivy can't get the sexy ER doctor out of her head.

In the small town of Briar Creek, you can't avoid anyone for very long. Not that Brett has been trying to avoid Ivy. He just can't afford to let anything distract him from his work-not again. So when a hospital fundraiser throws them together, love is the last thing on his mind. But with her quick wit and sweet laugh, soon the one woman he's tried to keep at arm's length is capturing his heart..

I really liked and enjoyed this book. It was a very cute romance that had me hooked from the moment I started the book. Characters were very easy to fall in love with, I loved how strong Ivy was and wanted to do a lot for her self. I have a family member who has the medical condition she has so I liked that everything was pretty much on point and it shows that the author really checked into her condition. Really a great series, definitely can't wait to read more.  

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