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The Rocker Series by Terri Anne Browning

Touring with four rockers is the thing of dreams… At least that is what people tell me. To me those four rockers are my family. They have watched over me from the time I was five years old.
Protecting me from my mother and her drunken, drug addict rages. When they made it big they still watched over me. And when my monster of a mother died they took over as my guardians.

In the six years since that happened I have watched over the four men that mean everything to me. I take care of them just as they once took care of me. I handle all the dirty work behind the scenes of a rockers life. It isn’t always pretty. At times it can be damn near disgusting, especially when I have to get rid of their one night stands. Ugh! Taking care of them doesn’t bother me though. I mean it’s not like I’m in love with one of them. That would be crazy. Falling for a rocker is NOT smart. Okay, so I’m not smart. I love my guys, and one of them kind of holds my heart in his big old rocker hand. But I’m dealing. I’ve been able to keep it my little secret for years now.

I'm not, however, dealing with this bug that I seem to have caught. It scares the hell out of me. I hate doctors, but I’m suddenly more worried about finding out what is wrong with me than what the doctor might do to me. When I get my test results back my life will never be the same again…

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Emmie has been friends with the band members of Demon Slayer since she was a little girl. Nick Armstrong is the frontman/lead singer of the band and the man that has stolen Ember's heart. But they're more than friends, they're the only family she has ever known. Coming from an abusive household, these four guys are the only ones who have ever taken care of her and had her back. She is a little younger than all of them, so while she's been in love with one of the members, she's not sure if he sees her that way. 

I liked and enjoyed this story. Nick and Emmie are a great start to this fun, intense series. I really loved all the supporting characters. Was definitely hooked and loved the way the story played out. Can't wait to read more. 

Layla… …has had a hard life. On her own at a young age, always having to do what needed to be done just to survive. Now she has two other people depending on her and she needs a job fast before they get evicted. A job interview introduces her to Jesse Thornton, the delicious drummer for Demon’s Wings. He reminds her of all the mistakes of her past, but is also her hope for the future. Jesse… …has never let anyone in. The only real family he has ever had are his band brothers and Emmie—the only woman he has ever loved. But then Layla comes into his life and he would do just about anything to get one taste. Can he move past his own insecurities and allow this woman into his heart?

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Layla’s life has not been easy, but getting the job as the live-in housekeeper for Demon’s Wings may just be her big break. Layla has two younger sisters, 6 year old Lucy and 17 year old Lana she has custody of. They are her life and they depend on her. She’s determined to keep this job and stay away from the rock stars who are nothing but trouble to her.  As hard as she tries, Layla can’t seem to stay away from Jesse. As she says, bald guys are her kryptonite. Hello there, insta-love. Jesse and Layla really hit it off fast. The love comes quick for these two which sort of surprised me because of their pasts and situations. But it’s a rock-star book, and that sometimes happens so I was okay with it. 

I really loved and enjoyed this book. I loved the character of Jesse and Layla, I thought there chemistry was off the charts and I could not get enough of these too. I really loved Layla's sisters as well, they were so sweet and made the story much better. I enjoyed the first one and enjoyed this one way more. Definitely a good series that has hooked me, can't wait to read more.

The Demon… I’ve been fighting my own demons for most of my life. The alcohol seems to numb the pain, but it never makes the nightmares go away. All I want in life is a little peace.

When I met my angel it felt like I found it, but there is so much standing between us. Why does she have to be so young…? The Demon’s Angel… Meeting Drake was the best thing to ever happen to me. I found my friend, my soul mate. But he lets my age stand between us. There is something that haunts him, and I selfishly want to be the one that helps him conquer his ghosts.
If he would just let me in, let me closer, I think I could help him…

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When Lana and Drake first meet, sparks fly. There is a huge problem though. Lana is Layla’s 17 year old sister. There is no way Drake is going to go there. She’s too young. But he can’t help but to develop a friendship with Lana that later turns into so much more. Lana becomes his best friend. She calms him, helps him deal, and keeps his nightmares away. 

Drake and his brother, Shane had a horrendous childhood and both are still scarred by it. Each one handles it differently. Drake drinks all his problems away. When he’s with Lana, he doesn’t feel the need to do that. She helps him. This story starts out during the second book, just from Lana and Drake’s POV. But sooner rather than later, it jumps to when Lana is in college and not a senior in high school. 

I really loved and enjoyed this book. I loved how it was from both of the characters POV, I feel as though it made the story that much better. I loved there chemistry and attraction towards each other. I really love the authors writing style and can't wait to get more into this wonderful series.

Terri Anne Browning is the USA TODAY bestselling author of The Rocker...Series. She started writing her own novellas at the age of sixteen, forcing her sister to be her one woman fan club. Now she has a few more readers and a lot more passion for writing. Being dyslexic, she never thought a career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on best selling lists multiple times since 2013. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker Who Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker... series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon's Wings. The Rocker... Series has since expanded to OtherWorld with Axton Cage and his band members. Other books by Terri Anne include the Angel's Halo MC Series as well as The Lucy & Harris Novella Series. Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three demons---err, children--and a loveable Olde English Bulldog named Link.

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