Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stoned by Mandi Beck Review!!

“A rock star with no rhythm is a man with no soul.” – Stone Lockhart 

As the lead singer of one of the hottest bands to hit the rock scene, fucks are free, drugs come easy, and music is life. 
For as long as Stone can remember, Willow has been his music – the notes that weave his soul together. 
His rhythm. 
Until he threw her away. 
All he has left is a handful of pills and a few lines of powder to make him forget her.
And he tries, over and over. 

Clean and ready to make things right, he’s faced with the fact that Willow’s moved on. She’s not the same girl he cast aside. Willow’s a woman sure about her purpose in life. Sure about who she’s meant to love. 
Stone may be lost without his rhythm, but Willow has found so much more.

5 STARS!!!

After almost killing himself and nearly burning down his house. Stone Lockhart is finally getting help. Weather he wants it or not. Willow has gone into hiding after what Stone has done to her. Can he find her and get his rhythm back. 

I really loved and enjoyed this book so freakinggg much!!! it completely ruined me over and over again then put me back together. Such a deep, emotional, crazy romantic read. I really loved the character of Stone, I thought he was crazy, out of his mind for doing what he did to Willow but I loved how he never gave up and stayed true to his word. All he ever really needed and wanted was Willow. I really loved this authors writing style and just loved the way the story played out. I was so hooked on this book literally with the first word. Definitely my all time favorite read of this year and just in general. Can't wait to read more by this author! Also will be seeing her in a signing soon, and can't wait to hug and meet her and just tell her all my feeling :D!!

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