Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rock With You by Rachel Lacey Review!!


Carly Taylor is pretty sure she's dreaming. It's not possible that Sam Weiss - rock star god and sexy hotness personified - is actually in her bakery. This sort of thing never happens in the too-small town of Haven. Or to her. And being stranded in a secluded mountain cabin with the deliciously decadent Sam during an ice storm? This is definitely not Carly's real life . . . 

Now there's just the two of them, a roaring fire, lots of food and drink, and a sizzling attraction - one that just might make Carly do the unexpected. For one night, she'll live the fantasy. For one night, nothing else matters. . . not her struggling business, not her lonely life, not Sam's bad-boy reputation. But sometimes one night can turn one crazy, beautiful dream into something real.

Sam is laying low, trying to stay out of the media, while working on songs for his new album. He's had a dry spell lately, and the words just won't come. He lost his muse... Carly inherited the family bakery from her grandma.
I liked and enjoyed this book. Really a cute and romantic story. Basically short and sweet but definitely enough to be able to hook me in. I'm really excited to read the rest of the series.

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