Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Year In Books!!!!!


I had a super good reading year!
All of these and most of my books read this year were all 5 star reads!!

I also have set reading goals for next year!!
I also try to read 200 books but can never get there. I usually end up in a lot of reading slumps or funks but I'm gonna try to stop those from happening!

My 2017 Reading Goals!!
1. Read 200 books!
2. Try to finish 5 series but also start 5 new series. I have a lot of lingering series just sitting on my bookshelf. I want to finish those up but also start some new ones.
3. Try reading at least 3 new genres. I would love to read like history, mystery, or even crime books. Just to keep my reading fresh, instead of always reading romance (there nothing wrong with that though lol!!)
4. I also want to review and blog a lot more, I sometimes drop off with out posting anything for days (stinky life gets in the way haha :D) I also would love to try my hand at doing videos. I always have a hard time when doing reviews because I never know how to write what I feel so I think videos would be a whole lot better!
These are my reading goals for 2017, what are some of yours??? 
To me I love when a new reading year starts its always so exciting. I just love it.
What are some of your 2017 reading goals or just goals in general??
Have a Happy New Year and a good reading year :] 
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