Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stone Cold Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan Review

With their hearts' desires on the line, nothing can stop the Montana Men

Sadie Higgins has a bad habit of bailing her brother out of trouble. But when he rustles a herd of cattle from the tough, honorable Kendrick brothers, it's Sadie who's in for it. Because the cowboy tracking them down is big, silent, and forbidding as hell.

Rory Kendrick is on the hunt to find out who's been stealing from him. When he stumbles upon Sadie in the woods, he barely recognizes the quiet, vulnerable beauty who has always taken his breath away. His mission shifts in an instant: He will do anything it takes to keep her safe . . . and make her his.

Sadie has always protected her family—no matter the price. But when Rory ropes her heart, she's forced to take a look at her life and make a dangerous choice—one that could cost, or gain, her everything.


I really loved and enjoyed this book. Sadie has had to take care of her immature brother most of her life, Rory hasn't really been living his life until he saves Sadie. I really loved the chemistry Rory and Sadie had, I thought there story was just so romantic and easy to fall in love with from the very beginning. I also loved Rory's brothers Ford and Cold and definitely can't wait to read there stories next. This is really a great strong series, that I would recommend to anyone.

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